1. gangsterdoodles:

    Pusha T x RAPPCATS Preview x February Release

    ifi was queen every jackass gangster would wear this jacket 

  2. cute :3 ^_^

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  3. mikemcdonnell:

    Mike McDonnell ( after these messages we’ll be right back)

  5. as an artist,i can professionally say, SO TRUE ^_^_^_^_^_^_ :D *_* :) B)

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  6. "To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life… in the gall bladder!"
    — Baron Frankenstien (“Andy Warhol’s Frankenstien” 1973 movie)
  7. cool, and very true ! ^_^

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  8. routinelybizarre:

    A sketch I finally pulled into Photoshop and played around with. Hands are beautiful :)

    this is awesome!!!!!!

  9. all I hav to say about this: it has its problems (mind you VERY FEW problems) but it’s overall tone is amazing

  10. fuckyeahrunwayhair:

    LMFF: Backstage at Runway 3 (Presented by Frankie Magazine)

    sooo cute!!

  11. red hot chili peppers…they can pull off anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran around in a tent for a music video….OH WAIT, THEY DID…..!!!!! ^_^!!!!

  12. jasinskiart:

    “Force of a Locomotive”

    My piece for the Spoke Art “Scorsese” show that will premier in New York next week. Check it out. http://spoke-art.com/exhibitions/

    i jus thought this was SO CUTE! it reminds me of my childhood with that ol’ tv show thomas and friends :)

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  13. soooo cute!!!!! it’s from this anime called “paradise kiss”which centers around a girl in jaan who goes to a high level high school. one day, she is scouted by a punk rocker (forgot his name :P) who tells her he and his friends want her to be a model. She discovers there is more to life than just grades and strives to be a professional model. On the way she discovers love, life and passion.  this anime is really great due to it’s characterization which represents the main character as a women through the eyes of society, and an average human being through her own eyes, how writing women should be done in television. instead of being just “a women” or treated as men “average guys”. this story was directed by the same director as BECK: mongolian chop squad (which is awesome) and highly suggest both!!!!!!!!! ^_^!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. another amaaaaaaaazzing band, (I’m obviously showing off my music skills *ninja chop*) indie rock! they are REALLY obscure, they have a really weird sounding vocalist who’s a bigger soprano than I am, (which is insane, becuz i can’t sing anything but really high :( ) 

    and its a FULLY GROWN MAN…

    all my friends think I’m weird for loving them so much but what can I say? they have a very  eerie weird sound that is so interesting…also, their songs are literally metaphor of metaphors o_O the subject matter in this album is really dark and the cover fits the tone  the songs perfectly.

  15. i read this book when I was 11. yeah i am an avid reader……dont judge…..reading horror books never seemed to scare me, mostly i was scared by images (video games, movies, etc.) i love the way stephen king portray’s the relationship between jack and his father….(i think that that’s the main characters  name but I’m not sure, as I said before, I read the book when I was 11) this is a classic, and I strongly suggest it to anyone who has a stomach for horror, and’s in the mood for a good book ^_^  :)  :P